• Kristina Cherep

17 Warning Signs

If you had warning signs that you were about to fall down in a depression episode, would you listen to them? Would that prevent you from falling? Maybe, maybe not. Even if it wouldn't prevent you from falling, they're still good to know. At least, I wish I would have known these before my second extreme episode. I at least would have been aware that I was about to crash... real hard. Everyone is different, so warning signs are not the same for everyone. However, here are some of mine...

1. I start making excuses for why I don't need to shower.

2. I stop washing my face every night before I go to bed.

3. I take A LOT of naps.

4. I feel the most comfortable laying on the ground.

5. I get irritated very quickly.

6. I stop singing/listening to music in the car.

7. All food starts to taste the same.

8. I feel exhausted all the time and my body aches.

9. I don't find pleasure in the things that used to bring me pleasure.

10. I stop reaching out to friends and family.

11. I stop posting to social media.

12. My camera roll on my phone has no recent pictures.

13. I count the hours until I get to go home.

14. I stop writing.

15. I stop planning things.

16. It feels good to cry.

17. I hate going outside and the sun hurts my eyes every time I have to.

These are all the ones I can think of, what are yours? Sometimes these warning signs aren't as obvious to you when they are happening, which is why I suggest you tell a loved one what your warning signs are. This way they can hopefully catch you before you crash to your lowest or just be aware of your mental health. Writing down my warning signs was a good exercise, which is why I suggest you do the same