• Kristina Cherep

4 Ways My Book About Anxiety Gave Me Anxiety

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

So, in case you don't know... I wrote a children's book about a little boy with anxiety and how he learns to battle it. I can now officially say that I am a published Children's Author! However, the road to get here was not anxiety free. I mean is anything really anxiety free for someone with an anxiety disorder? Let's be honest! I'm going to list the ways my book gave me anxiety because every time it caused me anxiety I thought it was ironic. I also felt like a hypocrite at some points for feeling


1. The Editing Process

If you ask me my least favorite part about getting the book published I'm always going to say the editing process. You know in elementary school when you had an editing buddy? Some people liked that process... I was one of them, so I assumed I would like this process. However, the editing process of my book... not so much! My editor suggested that I stay away from a rhyming book because it's a lot harder to write. Of course, I said I wanted to keep my book rhyming because that's my style and I wanted it to stay authentic to myself.

Halfway through the editing process I started to regret this decision! Even without the rhyming editing, it was overwhelming for me... every word was examined and analyzed so many times to make sure it sounded good and it was age appropriate. This analyzation was coming from both my editor and myself. I don't know if anyone else with anxiety has this problem, but I'm the type of person who will need to read an email 30 times before I send it. So the thought of making a mistake in a published book was ten times worse! Then the whole rhyming editing... AH! Ever try to stay on a rhyming meter? Yeah, it's not so fun especially when the rhyme you came up with doesn't fit the meter!

2. Picking My Illustrator

So, my publisher has 300 illustrators to choose from. Of course, my editor narrowed it down once I showed her what style I liked. If I was interested in an illustrators portfolio then they drew me up a sketch of Kristopher. From the very beginning, I was hoping Yasu would be available/interested to illustrate my book. It was a lot of back and forth between Yasu and I because the first time he drew Kristopher, he drew him as like an 18 year-old. It was cool to see, but also still hard to picture what he would look like at the correct age. Once Yasu drew Kristopher as an 8-year-old, I knew I was so lucky to have him as my illustrator. The illustration process for me was so fun after that! I got to approve and suggest every little and big thing on every page. I loved being able to be a part of this step!

3. Finalizing The Layout With Graphic Designer

This step consisted of where the text was placed on the illustrations. Yasu drew the illustrations keeping in mind where the text would need to be. However, it was still tricky trying to get every line to fit perfectly. In fact, I had to delete about three sentences in my story just because there wasn't enough room on the pages they were supposed to be on! That was a little frustrating because I just thought of all the time I spent on editing those three sentences, but oh well! The story still makes sense without them!

4. Books Printing At The Printer (THIS IS HAPPENING NOW!)

Currently, my books are being printed at the printer. I was told that they will all be done and ready to be shipped by May 29th, which if you don't already know this... my book launch is on June 3rd! So, we are cutting it a littttttle close, but I'm just trying to have faith and positive thoughts that I will get the books the day I'm supposed to get them!