• Kristina Cherep

A Poem That Convinced Me To Keep Fighting

I found this poem in one of my journals last week. I wasn’t looking for it; I was just looking to start writing in a journal again. I wrote this last fall in my outpatient program. I remember this being one of the biggest steps in my road to recovery because I was finally allowing myself to do something that I love. Writing Poetry.

To my husband who I love so much;

You have shown me that you will be

here no matter how rough.

True love is not the feeling you get

when running off to a ball.

True love is the feeling you get

when laying on the kitchen floor

together supporting each other in their


Fall is the cooling breeze of change

When the leaves transform

When the light sweaters are packed

When our surroundings start to age and


Faded, is how my soul feels to my body

Drifting away with no return to its past.

Until, at last. Laying on the kitchen floor,

with you, my husband,

makes me want to last.

Rereading this poem gave me some flashbacks because whenever I read one of my poems, I know where I wrote it. This time I not only knew where I wrote it, but I remember all the emotions I had writing it.