• Kristina Cherep

Allow Kids To Be Independent

One thing that I think kids are sometimes lacking at a young age is independence. I think people are sometimes unaware of how independent kids can be. Allowing kids to be more independent is not only helping them out, but it also allows you to not have to do so many of the simple tasks for them.

All three of the kids I nanny for, who are all under the age of 3, throw out their own dirty diapers. They all walk over to the garbage can, open it, and then throw it away. This may not sound like it's that big of a deal, but after changing a dirty diaper the last thing I want to do is touch it again.

The 2 three-year-olds grab their bibs, put them on, and sit down in their chairs all by themselves. They also take their dirty plates to the sink and put their sippy cups back in the fridge (with the assist of a stool). They then take their stool to the bathroom and wash their hands. The only thing I have to do is squirt the soap in their hands and wipe off their face. They can do the rest!

When it's time for bath time, I obviously wash them for the majority of the time. However, I hand them a washcloth with soap on it and they then wash their own bodies! This is super helpful because while one of them is washing their own body, I can start washing the other ones hair. This saves all of us some time!

These are only a few independent tasks I can think of at the moment for what my kids do. I will talk about some more things in later blogs though!