• Kristina Cherep

Anxiety Vacation

Anxiety Vacation

whata oxymoron;

you are always

trying to hold on.

Wouldn't it be nice?

To be free from your

own mind.

The one that is holding

you down;

stressing you out.

Anxiety has no vacation days

it is here to stay

hoping to bring you dismay

making your own sanity its' prey.

Your body is physically on


your mind is constantly


You cannot escape from

your pesty boss

because that pest

is you.

Who knew?

Your worst enemy

is truly you.

Today is the day where my husband and I leave for our second honeymoon. We are going on a second one because I thought I was dying on our first one, but it was just anxiety and depression! I'm not saying I'll be free of my anxiety and depression this, but I am aware and understanding of it now.