• Kristina Cherep

Dance Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Ehhhhhh easier said than done! Believe me, I know! If I hadn’t learned that I had more potential than what I initially thought of myself, I would still be in my comfort zone. However, I learned that I was holding myself back from SO many opportunities and relationships. Actually, more like my negative self-talk was holding me back!

If it were up to my anxiety, I would stay in every night and live the same days over and over again. If it were up to my depression, I would never leave my bed. Well, you can only live that way for so long.

When I say get out of your comfort zone, I don’t (necessarily) mean to go sky diving because you’re afraid of heights. I’m not telling you to go speak in front of hundreds of people even though you’re an introvert or something like that. What I mean is for you to do something you want to do, but your thoughts and fears have always gotten in the way. I bet this something has benefits, but your thoughts are only reminding you of the negative possibilities instead.

This can be as simple as taking a shower. Doesn’t make sense to you? I’m gonna have to guess that you don’t suffer from depression. Showering for me is always the hardest thing to do when I’m stuck in a depression spell and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way! Yeah, I know your bed is so comfortable and you’ll be so cold after the shower. However, can you think of the benefits of showering? Don’t let your thoughts convince you there are no benefits because you know there are. So get out of your bed or comfort zone and go take a shower! It’ll be good for you mentally and also physically as well.

Showering doesn’t sound like something that’s out of your comfort zone? Ok, well how about you start a new hobby or activity. Take a class or a lesson. Ugh, but I’m afraid to meet new people or what if I’m not good at it which will make the new people not like me? May sound silly, butttt these are actually my thoughts right now.

My husband and I signed up for Latin dance lessons that starts tonight! If you know my husband then you know he loves to dance and doesn’t care who’s watching. If you know me then you know I don’t like the spotlight on me especially on the dance floor, but I’ve always had this secret desire to try it anyways. There are also many benefits such as staying active, bonding with my husband, and meeting new people! Sooo even though I feel very uncomfortable about this, I’m still going to do it. My fears and the possible benefits of this are currently at war in my mind, but I’m trying to hold on to the benefits!

My opinion may change after tonight and I may tell y’all to disregard this article and the message behind it.... just kidding! One reason I am actually posting this is to keep myself accountable for this because I know it’ll be good for me no matter how terrified I am. Another way to make sure you’re staying out of your comfort zone is to tell someone else about what you’re doing that’s out of your comfort zone. If it’s just something you know about then you won’t feel as guilty not going through with it. However, if someone else knows then I’m sure it would be much harder to easily stop trying. Just a suggestion though!