• Kristina Cherep

Don’t Let Your Insecurities Be The Gift You Give This Year

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Whether you‘re the hostess or the guest, it’s everyones holiday season. I think remembering this may help with any holiday anxiety you may be experiencing. If you’re upset about someone not being able to come to your holiday party, remember they aren’t not coming because they don’t like you (most likely). It’s just that they have to celebrate their holidays the best way that they can. In famous breakup terms... it’s not you, it’s EVERYONE. Once you realize that the holiday season is for everyone, it may be easier for you to let go of any grudges or insecurities you may be feeling.

If you’re not able to host a holiday because of certain circumstances, be thankful for whoever is hosting you. Don’t let your insecurities about your circumstances make you less thankful for whoever is able to host. It doesn’t make it any less of your holiday just because you’re not able to host. Remember, it’s still everyones holiday! Enjoy that someone is opening their house up to you.

I think insecurities and grudges can sometimes play a toll on the holiday spirit, which is why I’m writing about it. In the past, I’ve caught myself having these insecurities and grudges, so writing this out has made me realize how silly those insecurities and grudges are! Before putting these thoughts on paper, I thought my negative thoughts were the right way to think. I encourage you to write out any of the negative thoughts you’re having about the upcoming holiday season. It may make you realize how silly your thoughts are for trying to ruin the holiday season. If you’re not a writer, then talk it out with someone. Get those thoughts out of your head because that’s where they succeed the most.