• Kristina Cherep

“Everyone Experiences Anxiety”

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Everyone experiences anxiety. This is not me trying to dismiss people with anxiety disorders AT ALL. Just hear me out... Anxiety is a normal response to stress. It motivates you to complete certain things and it also helps you to determine when to fight and when to flee. However, not everyone experiences an anxiety disorder. I’m going to tell you some of the differences I know to determine if someone has an anxiety disorder...

1. Stressor

Someone with normal anxiety experiences anxiety in response to a stressor, such as a big exam or job interview. In this case, anxiety can actually be seen as something good because it motivates you to prepare for the exam or interview. Someone with an anxiety disorder has anxiety because of stressors, but then also has anxiety almost all the time. Sometimes for no reason when they can’t even determine a reason to feel anxious. Everyday experiences can also cause them anxiety. You see the difference?

2. Length & Intensity Of Anxiety

It’s normal for someone to feel anxious right before, during, and a little bit after an exam. Someone with an anxiety disorder may experience anxiety weeks or months before and after the stressor. There‘s also a difference in intensity as well. Someone with a disorder will be consumed by this anxiety all day long and it will debilitate them. Someone with normal anxiety will not be so consumed and be able to live life normally.

3. Symptoms

There are many physical symptoms people with an anxiety disorder experience daily. I can give you a long list, but I’ll just list out the symptoms I sometimes have because of my anxiety. I sometimes feel nauseous, feel light headed, hyperventilate, have to go to the bathroom more frequently, and have headaches. It actually took me awhile to learn that these symptoms I have sometimes are due to my anxiety! I used to think there was something wrong with me!

I wrote this to help you understand the difference and to help you realize if you have normal anxiety or may possibly have an anxiety disorder. I also wanted to point out that everyone does experience anxiety... just different kinds! You don’t need to have or know someone who has an anxiety disorder to order my children’s book about a boy with anxiety, so feel free to head on over to www.kristinacherep.com to get yours!