• Kristina Cherep

Failed Fairytales

He sees me

as beautifully laid hair

locked up in my castle waiting

to be saved.

Through the woods, he is on a mission

to rescue me from the dragon who

he thinks has kept me as its prisoner.

He imagines the flames blowing

outside the walls of my cell

trapping me in a confined place

for many decades now.

The blood in his veins swell

while he sees the dragon taking over.

He lunges trying to destroy it.

Dragon glares his eyes at his

golden sword that is reflecting

the beaming flames.

Who ever told him that destroying

the dragon would save the princess?

Dragon is spawned to protect

from the one who calls himself

the hero.

Why else do you think you never

see princesses trying to escape on

their own?

We have already been saved.