• Kristina Cherep

Follow The Path

Follow the path

that has guided you

along. Through the ups

and downs, The path that

has never done you wrong. If

you get stuck at the fork, follow

the path that has your light shining

down. You will notice once you calm down.

Do not let the prickly beauties sway you.

They may look beautiful now, but they

are just there to dismay you. You are

not alone. There are others on your

path. They are your kind. But, they

are not your perfect match. There

is one other path that you’ll end

up unknowingly headed

towards. Do not open

the misleading doors,

for you are following

down the path at

what is truly yours.

This poem is best viewed on a computer! The words are laid out in a certain way that helps with the pacing of the poem. It may not appear this way on other mobile devices.