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​This is my incredible cousin, Sami. She is beautiful inside and out and when you first meet her or when you're talking to her, you would never guess that she struggles sometimes too. She is a person with a HUGE heart and with a contagious smile, laugh, and personality. She lights up any room she walks into! She has also written a post for you all to help bring light to your life. Please read her story and give her your full support because she is so strong for sharing this with you!


It took me 17 years to say that I love myself and mean it. It took me 17 years to love the things I hated. The way my hands look, how my feet are too wide, my nose is too big, my stomach is too fat, my hair is too straight. Hating myself so much that I thought of ending my life everyday. Praying to whatever was out there that I didn’t wake up in the morning. Everyday for years. It would always be ‘just let me make it til after Christmas’ or ‘let’s just get through this school week and then I’m done’. Well one day, I was done. I was sick of feeling like I wasn’t enough, like I was a disappoint to everyone around me. Sick of feeling like I would literally rather die than get up to shower.

Well then how did I get to love myself and want to wake up everyday?

3 different medications, 6 different therapists, 1 psychiatrist, 1 hospitalization, and a ton of support from my family and friends.

As much as it sucked that I had to stay at the hospital for 10 days- I couldn’t be happier that I was admitted. I learned so much more in the 10 days about myself and my life than I have ever. I remember leaving the hospital on that tenth day and actually being more nervous than I walked in. What about my support groups? What about my pre-determined schedule? How would I survive the real world again? Well here I am- surviving.

It is okay to ask for help. It is okay if you’re not comfortable in a situation. It is okay to voice your opinion. It is okay if you don’t agree with someone else’s opinion. And most of all: it is okay to be true to who you are. We all need to love ourselves and love each other.

Hugs and kisses to all Kristina’s followers and fans! Be true to you!

This is what my blog is all about! I'm here for you to feel a sense of belonging, but I am also using it as a platform for other people to use to overcome their own struggles. Feel free to message me your story... anonymous or not. KristinaMarieCblog@gmail.com