• Kristina Cherep

Meditation For Kids

Yep you read the title right! Recently, I have started using meditation for the kids I take care of... and it works! One of our biggest challenges is nap time. I think anyone who has kids or takes care of kids has this as a challenge too! So I’ve been testing out different routines to use for nap time to make that transition easier; for both kid and adult. The transition I'm talking about is from play time to nap time. Sounds easier than it actually is!

It wasn't until recently that I realized I should not expect the kids to go down for a nap right after playtime. Sure, they may be tired from playing, but they still have their adrenaline going. That's when I started to initiate quiet time before nap time. I was kind of nervous to test it out especially because I take care of three kids under four. I had very low expectations for this to work, which is why it shocked me that the kids enjoyed this. I played lullaby music while they were laying on the couches and they were SILENT.

Once I started this, it has made nap time simpler because when the kids go upstairs for nap time they want to sleep instead of play. This has allowed for me to actually get to relax during their nap time instead of worrying about what they could possibly be doing in their rooms.

After two weeks of doing this, I thought of how when I did meditation during group therapy it almost made me fall asleep. I was so relaxed. Then I asked myself if kids could meditate too, so I googled videos of meditation for kids. Again, I was nervous to try this with the kids because I didn't know if it would just make them want to talk or play during quiet time. If you have ever done meditation before then you know a key focus is typically on your breathing. It sounds silly, but in the moment it's very relaxing. It allows your brain to focus on your breathing and nothing else.

The videos that I found were very engaging and relaxing at the same time. There was one exercise that the kids really liked which was to pretend to hold a bubble wand and then blow the bubbles from your wand. The lady speaking then said to watch your bubbles fly away. Those bubbles are thoughts you have. A few minutes later, she then said to pop some of the bubbles. I looked over at the kids and they were using their index fingers to pop the bubbles. AND they were still being quiet! I did all the exercises with them and found the bubble wand to be very helpful.

I think meditating can be beneficial for anyone. Regardless of who you are or how old you are. I know meditation isn't for everyone, but I just thought I'd share it for the people who would possibly enjoy it! When I first started meditating I thought it was stupid and awkward. The lady's voice sounded a little creepy, but once I bought into it, her voice sounded soothing. I was able to let go of thoughts I was thinking of and focus more on being in the moment. Even if you don't personally like meditation, I suggest trying it with your kids because silence in the house with kids is always a blessing!

Here's a list of the videos (on YouTube) that my kids have enjoyed:

Flying Unicorns | Guided Meditation for Children | Relaxation for KidsGuided Meditation for Kids | YOUR GUARDIAN WOLF | Relaxation for ChildrenDragon Story time Meditation for Kids & tots (Sleep or rest time out)

I then downloaded an app called Calm. It has music, guided meditation, and sleep stories. There are numerous of categories for each of these including a kids tab. This app will also allow you to turn your phone screen off without the video stopping (it does that on YouTube).

I hope this was helpful for anyone out there who has kids or who have just been looking for meditation tools to use! All of the kids audios have been great meditation for me as well, so just because it's for kids doesn't mean it doesn't work for adults. I would suggest using the kid categories with your kids, but if you're by yourself or with other adults you can test out the different options!