• Kristina Cherep

Mental Health Eclipse

We all know what the word 'eclipse' means or have an idea of what it means thanks to the Solar Eclipse from today. From an astronomical point of view this word makes sense; to obscure light from or to another celestial body. The length of totality lasted minutes today during the Solar Eclipse. In those minutes the darkness took over. The sun was blocked during this time. It was still there and producing the same amount of energy, like it always does, but its light was blocked.

This term can also be used in regards to Mental Health. A Mental Health Eclipse seems to last a whole heck of a lot longer than a few minutes. It could even last up to a few weeks, months, years, decades, etc.. To me when I think of a Mental Health Eclipse I think of my depression. This analogy could possibly work with anxiety, but it makes more sense in terms of depression to me. During a Depression Eclipse, you're still living and trying to function. For some reason, there's this dark haze that seems to make yourself feel down or dull... all the time. Sometimes it feels like it's out of your control. Sometimes it feels like the whole world knows that your light is being blocked. Sometimes you think about giving up because you don't see or understand your purpose anymore. Sometimes people like to tell you to do one thing and then your light will come back.

It would be nice to know how long totality was going to last during a Depression Eclipse because one of the hardest parts is not knowing when it will end. It would be nice to know that people would know how to treat you accordingly during your times of totality. I'm not saying to view us differently, but to try to have more of an understanding of what we are going through. It would be nice to be celebrated like a Solar Eclipse. People don't judge the sun for not shining during those times of totality. Why do people sometimes get judged for feeling depressed or suicidal during their times of totality? Where are the thousands of people rooting for us when we have lost our light?

The one positive thing about both kinds of eclipses, Celestial and Mental, is that the light comes back. It takes a little bit of time to fully be itself again, but it does come back. No matter how long the light is blocked, it does come back! Keep fighting through the dark times and know there is light ahead of you.

P.s. I'm not a scientist, so I'm sorry if any of my scientific terms are not used 100% correctly!