• Kristina Cherep

My Love For You

Heart is pounding showing

that I love you

while my heart is uncontrollable

with flutters

Every single time it feels

like something new

I do not want to have to hide

this in the shutters.

I want to have the opportunity

to flaunt

to my friends, family,

and the entire world

that this love is not

of an ordinary font

or consisting

and appearing burled.

You are what makes

my eyes light up,

what makes my

resilient stomach drop,

what makes my fragile heart


I know you will not

or cannot make it stop.

All you need to do is tell me,

you love me.

Then we can both let the world

Adam Levine told Ellen about his new song and that the song is not reflecting his current relationship or even about him. This is the magic about writing; you can pretend and grasp