• Kristina Cherep

Stop Saying Someone “Committed” Suicide

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

This last week, suicide has unfortunately been all over the news. With it, I’ve seen a lot of support from people all over the internet about letting people know that they’re not alone. I’ve seen a lot of awareness and support towards the mental health community as well. However, there is one thing that has been bothering me lately...

No one committed suicide. They died by suicide. When you use the word “committed” before something it’s usually when someone did something like committing a crime. For example, that person “committed murder” etc.. Committed suicide is an awful stigmatized term to use. It’s implying that person committed a crime. Yes, suicide is awful. However, suicide is usually an effect of a mental illness, trauma, stress, etc..

I’m writing this post because I want you all to be aware of the accurate language to use when referring to suicide. This proper language will help take the stigma away to be able to truly understand those who are suffering and/or have suffered.

About two years ago, I experienced suicidal thoughts due to my extreme anxiety. I don’t like talking about it much because it was a dark and scary time in my life for both my family and myself. However, I am so glad I reached out to my family about these thoughts because they were able to help me find the help I needed.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts please reach out to someone. It’s not a crime to have those thoughts no matter how much society may be indirectly telling you. You are battling an illness and you don’t have to fight this alone.

Below I have attached The Mighty’s Suicide Prevention Resources if you or someone you know are battling suicidal thoughts...