• Kristina Cherep

The Secret Trimester

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

The first trimester has so many different things going on. You’re not showing and don’t look pregnant, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t pregnant. Your body is very much telling you that you are whether that be morning sickness (let‘s be real and call it “all day sickness”), feel bloated/exhausted, and have breast aches and cramping. For some, people keep these symptoms to themselves except for with their spouse and doctor. They feel all of these pains and changes in secret which in a way makes it even worse. At least it would be for me!

People may think you have to wait until 12 weeks to tell other people, which I totally get. After 12 weeks, the risk for miscarriage decreases significantly. However, what happens if you happen to miscarriage within those 12 weeks? Do you want to be alone in that pain with your spouse? Some might, but I am not a part of that some. I am also one that is not good at keeping exciting secrets especially from my friends and family. I actually started telling people the day I found out I was pregnant. I want my loved ones there during the exciting times just as much as I want them there during the struggling times!

The first trimester is full of all kinds of emotions... because hormones. I struggled with morning sickness that lasted all day, was exhausted all day, and just felt really uncomfortable in my own skin. My body started to look and feel different which I didn’t think I would struggle with, but I did. I started to become scared to look in the mirror because I felt like each time I looked different. That phase only lasted a week though! I then just started to embrace the changes because that just meant baby was developing and growing!

I‘m going to list some of the symptoms I struggled with that are completely normal during pregnancy! So if you are or plan to become pregnant you don’t have to have the initial freak outs I had. Some of them are obvious, but some of them are weird and mayyy be a little TMI. So choose to keep reading if you want!

1. Heightened sense of smell

This started for me very early on. I noticed it the first time I walked into a grocery store after becoming pregnant. Each aisle I could smell something new and I even felt like each person I was walking past I could smell!

2. Round Ligament Pain

This is lower abdomen and pelvic pain. It doesn’t last longer than ten minutes, but it is a very sharp pain! This is just a sign of your ligaments expanding in order to hold and be big enough for baby. You’re basically building a little home for your babe to be snuggled up in... it just happens to be inside you!

3. Cold Sores / Skin Changes

This, just like many other symptoms are because of hormone changes! It’s important to know that a lot of things you would use to treat cold sores, acne, and rashes you can’t while you’re pregnant! For cold sores, my doctor prescribed me one pill and it was gone within a day! For rashes and acne, just make sure you moisturize a lot!

4. Nausea / Fatigue

This also started for me very early on! I felt nauseous and exhausted all day long everyday from about week 7 to week 12. I ended up having to go on a prescription from my doctor because I was having a hard time functioning. The silver lining to ”morning sickness” is that it’s a sign that the baby is developing and growing. To be honest, I still feel nauseous here and there but it isn’t as constant as it was before!

5. Green Stool

Sorry for the TMI, but this is a symptom that freaked me out until I realized it was normal while pregnant! This is normal for pregnant people because of again... hormones! This happened in about week 8 only for a couple days. If it lasts longer than a few days, I’d probably ask your doctor about it!

I could keep going, but it’s kind of exhausting listing all of these already! Just know that in order to develop/grow a baby, your body is going to be making some changes. Especially in the first trimester! They may be weird, but try not to panic. Call or message your doctor, ask a friend/family member, look at pregnancy apps, and use Google when in doubt!