• Kristina Cherep

There’s No Correct Time Or Way To Share Your Pregnancy... As Long As It’s On Your Terms

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Before I got pregnant I thought I had to wait twelve weeks to tell anyone because that’s just what I always heard. However, why is that a thing? I used to think it was because it was the correct thing to do until I discussed this with my therapist. I always knew that there was no way I’d be able to keep this secret from my family and close friends for that long. So I told loved ones starting from week 5... yes I really did find out that early on!

There is a logical reason behind the twelve week wait. After the 12th week, the chance of having a miscarriage goes way down. That’s why there is such a cultural norm to wait until 12 weeks to share with anyone else besides your partner. However, is that the best decision emotionally or mentally for you? For me, no. I need my people. During the good and during the bad. God forbid anything terrible to happen in my first trimester, I would want my people to help me through it. I wouldn’t want to put all of the weight on my husband and myself.

I decided to wait until 12 weeks to share on social media because that’s when I felt most comfortable sharing with the world. I liked having those weeks before of just my loved ones knowing. It made that time with them special and I’m sure it made them feel special too. Orrr they were just feeling really impatient waiting to tell the world too. I’d like to think that the specialness overrid the impatience. It did for me anyways!

I say when you’re ready to share with someone then that’s the right time to share with someone. It’s your news to share! Speaking of it being the pregnant persons news to share... if someone tells you they’re pregnant and they haven’t announced it to the world yet (when I say world, I mean social media) DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF DOING SO YOURSELF. If someone hasn’t announced they’re pregnant to the social media, there’s a reason. Whether that be them having a high risk pregnancy or them just not ready to share yet. It’s not your place to take that away from them. So please don’t.

Unfortunately, this happened to me. That’s really the reason why I’m even bringing this up. I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone else! Luckily, it was only online for 10 minutes and I wasn’t tagged in it so no one I was friends with (that I know of) found out. Let me tell you, this was a nightmare of mine coming true. I think a lot of pregnant people have this fear before they share with everyone. I felt extremely violated and ended up having an anxiety attack because of it (anxiety attacks while pregnant is for another blog post!). I got lucky and it wasn’t as bad as it could have been!

So for an overview, when you’re ready to share your big news then share it & if you’re not the pregnant one then wait until they’re ready to share it with everyone. It’s on their terms! You really don’t wanna mess with a pregnant person anyways... pregnancy hormones can be scary sometimes. Just ask my husband 😆