• Kristina Cherep

Two More Characters Introduced!

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

These two characters were actually one of the first aspects of my book that I had in mind. I remember growing up being able to relate and engaged to a lot of different children’s books especially when some of the characters looked like me. However, I am very aware that’s a privilege I had growing up; seeing myself physically mirrored in children’s book characters.

Not every child had/has the chance to see someone who is the same race as them in a children’s book. I grew up in a town where the majority of my classes were filled with caucasion students and teachers. In my book, I wanted to create characters for children who don’t typically see themselves physically reflected in books.

The character on the right, with the hijab on, is actually the first character I created for my book and Yasu drew her exactly how I pictured her! When thinking about multicultural children’s books I’ve seen and studied, I really couldn’t remember seeing a girl with a hijab on. I want any girl out there who wears a hijab to hopefully in a way see themselves like they’ve never seen themselves in a children’s book before.

Throughout my book, my illustrator and I tried our best to make the characters as diverse as possible. I also wanted the diversity to seem very natural and not forced into my story. I think my illustrator did a great job at that!

I‘m not saying all of this to make separations of races or to start any arguments about race. I’m saying this because I want my story to display what America looks like today. I want my story to reach out to all children. Also, I want to make it clear that children can still identify with any character no matter what race they are!

I want my illustrations to demonstrate diversity because children’s books need to show more diversity to reflect the beautiful world we live in!

Wellllll that’s all I can share with you for now! Happy Tuesday!