• Kristina Cherep

Victimizing Your Pain

Do you ever wonder what someone else thinks of you

while you are thinking about them?

Staring at a couple on the bus

whose struggles you determine from their distance.

Is that your victim?

Are you

Judging the person wearing over-sized clothes

thinking they are not going anywhere with their life.

Is that your victim?

Are you

Admiring the perfect relationship like the eighty-year-old

couple as they hold hands through every bump.

Is that your victim?

Maybe the assumptions you put on your victims

are what you see in the mirror every morning.

Seeing your distant relationships

Judging the image that appears in front of you

Wishing you had someone to love.

Putting your own insecurities on your victims

makes you feel like you are not alone.

As they step off the bus,

you are again alone until the next victim appears.