• Kristina Cherep


Stating you're a hero

does not make you a hero

Chances are you may even

be close to zero.

You do not choose if you are one;

you choose your actions

without hoping you have


You are chosen to be a hero

by maybe a friend, family member,

or even a complete stranger.

If you believe you're a strong fighter;

call yourself a Warrior.

Warriors battle what life throws at them;

not choosing their actions because they

want to be noticed

But because they need to


I actually wrote this poem in my head and then after I realized that I was writing this in my head, I ran to my journal and wrote it down before I forgot it. Most of my poems I write, I don't write down on paper first. I am usually walking around writing in my head. I'm not sure if I would call this a talent or a weakness of mine!