• Kristina Cherep

Why Is Talking About Trying To Conceive Taboo?

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Ya know I’ve been thinking a lot about writing this post lately because it is very personal. There’s also this weird taboo when talking about family planning and the first trimester of pregnancy.

It has to be such a secret... but why? I completely understand not sharing until you’re 12 weeks pregnant because there’s a much lower chance of miscarriage after that. I probably won’t share with everyone until around that time as well. However, I don’t think it has to be a secret when you’re trying to get pregnant. It can be a very stressful and emotional time for both partners. Why keep those emotions between just the two of you when you have more support out there?

There also are people who may be constantly asking you, “When are you having kids?” Some moms I have talked to told me they would lie and just tell those people they don’t want kids now and they‘ll start trying in a few years even when they were trying! They were afraid to share because they weren’t getting pregnant right away or they thought it was just awkward to share. They were embarrassed and frustrated, but didn’t want to share that with anyone. That makes me feel so sad for those women and those couples! I’m going to try my best to share my story to help get rid of this taboo, so people are not as scared to share their life with regards to family planning. If you haven’t noticed, I like writing about the topics that people are uncomfortable to talk about!

Okayyy so, if you don’t know by now I love and care so much for kids. I think I get along better with kids than I do with adults because I’m a kid at heart! I’ve also always wanted to be a mom and have my own kids. Being a mom has been my dream since I was a kid. If it were up to me, I would have had my first kid yesterday. However, I wanted to be settled and in a healthy marriage before I started trying. As of two months ago, my husband and I finally decided we were ready.

BUT one small problem... I had to go through a therapy program (suggested by my therapist and Gyno) before I started trying. This program was recommended because my anxiety actually affects my lady parts (sorry for the TMI). I’m not going to go into detail about this program, but if you do have questions about it feel free to direct message me. Depending on my comfort level with the person asking, I would be more than willing to share it. I’m just not ready yet to share this with the world and I hope you can understand that! I am also very willing to share with others who may have a similar struggle as me.

Anywho, so this program usually takes around 6-8 weeks to complete, but can take shorter or longer! While doing this program, I also started to get prepared for when it was time to start trying after I completed the program. I bought the Ava bracelet, which if you don’t know, it helps to track your cycle and let’s you know your most fertile days! I started taking prenatal vitamins and I also started using Ovulation tests to make sure my Ava bracelet was correct. If this is TMI, then close the window and move on. However, I’m not going to let society’s taboo take away from this process that many women go through!

So instead of trying to hide that I’m trying to get pregnant, I’m going to be open about it because there’s no need to hide behind it. Don‘t get me wrong, I did have the fear of sharing this on my blog because of the fear of not being able to get pregnant right away. I was afraid to be embarrassed, but in reality there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I had these same types of feelings about writing about anxiety for the public and even had some people tell me that it wasn’t a good idea. However, I went with my gut and I’m glad I did. It’s not only helped myself battle through life, but I have also reached many people along the way.