• Kristina Cherep

Why It’s Important To Teach Kids About Their Bodies

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Why is it so awkward to teach kids all of the parts of their body and everything their bodies do?! Why are these conversations taboo?? We teach kids about their noses and eyes and what those help us to do. However, when we get to conversations about private parts, people feel weird. But why?! I mean, I know why. It may be uncomfortable for you in the moment to teach your kids about their vagina or penis. However, if you don’t have an open conversation with kids from a young age, they may not fully understand and be uncomfortable about their body parts. Just because they are called private parts doesn’t mean the conversations about those parts have to be private between kids and their parents and/or caregivers! Girls and boys deserve the right to know about their bodies because it’s THEIR body. It’s not a secret that you expect them to figure out when the time is right for them. That’s not fair.

Obviously you‘re not going to teach your five year old about periods because you still want to make it age appropriate. However, you can teach them their body part names. Instead of calling it a “pee pee”, use the words vagina and penis. You’re not being inappropriate or dirty teaching them these words. You’re teaching them their body parts, just like you teach them where their mouth and nose are.

When you teach them these words, it’s a great time to start the conversation of good and bad touch. It’s important for them to know these words because if they are put in a situation (hopefully they never are) where an adult is trying to touch them inappropriarely, they will understand and be able to use words to tell you where they were touched. They may even be able to try to stick up for themselves if they know that person doesn’t have permission to touch them. If you still feel too uncomfortable starting this conversation, get an age appropriate book or video. THEY ARE OUT THERE! Let me know if you need any ideas of which ones are good.

Okay, sorry I come to my blog to vent things out sometimes. Most of the time I don’t post these venting kinds of posts, but I found this one important to do so. I also edited the, you know what out of it, so I could share it with you. I seriously want to get rid of these taboos whether that be anxiety, bodies, etc.. It’s time to start talking about the uncomfortable topics because those are the topics that can cause the most damage.