• Kristina Cherep

Write A Letter To Your Struggling Self

I did an exercise that has helped me tremendously, which is why I want to share it with you. I wrote a letter to myself when I was going through my toughest time in life. The time that I talk about in therapy a lot. The time that I feel was trying to define me for the past ten years.

You can choose a specific age you were when you suffered a lot; that’s what I did. I wrote to my 13 year old self. Or you can write to yourself when you were in your last mental health episode. This will not only be a great reflection, but it’s something you can read in case you are ever in a similar episode in the future. In fact, after writing this post I’m going to write to myself in my most recent episode!

I want you to do this exercise because it will give you some type of closure. At least it has for me. It’s allowed me to close that chapter in my life even more. By closing this chapter more it is not able to define who I am as much today. Just who I was and what I went through. It has also given me a sense of peace. I was able to picture my 13 year old self reading this letter and feeling the emotions I would’ve felt reading it back then. I only picture it would’ve made that time a whole lot easier.

This also allowed me to give myself the advice I wish someone else gave me. This advice that I gave my 13 year old self is still relevant to me today because I can see how much I have grown. I still have to remind myself sometimes to follow that same advice, so by telling it to “someone else” it’s keeping me more accountable to follow that advice now. To make my 13 year old self proud and hopeful.

This may sound like a really weird concept to people, but if this at all interests you I truly recommend trying it! You can write to any old self of yours that you want to write to. There is no specific format or length. Just write how you want to write. Or if you are an artist you can draw or create something you would want that old self of yours to have in order to get through that tough time.

The picture I picked is I believe my 12 year old self with my bestie who has been by my side for the past 18 years (ugh that makes me feel real old lol).