• Kristina Cherep

Your wedding shouldn't be "The Best Day Of Your Life"

Because that's just a lot of pressure! I don't blame wedding planning for my anxiety episode starting two weeks after my wedding, but it did play a part in it all. I remember always hearing how your wedding is the best day of your life and I fully believed that it needed to be. If it wasn't then I thought that would be a reflection on our marriage. But, it's not! I'm not saying this because we had an awful wedding because we didn't. Our wedding was everything we wanted it to be. It was elegant, personal, and a lot of fun!

However, I want to give a little advice for any future brides out there. You all know the term "Bridezilla" right? Well, turns out I turned into just that the week of our wedding. I wasn't the usual Bridezilla. I wasn't ordering people around and yelling at people. I cried... A LOT. I didn't realize how emotional I was until my brothers boyfriend pointed out to me that I was crying over picture frames at one point. Yeah, it was that bad.

I would suggest to Brides not to get emotional or stressed out the week of your wedding, but I know that is almost impossible. I do suggest that you schedule time for yourself the week of your wedding. Schedule a bubble bath or a massage the week of. Believe me you will need it! Also, don't try to do last minute things for your wedding especially if it's something decorative. I say this because you most likely won't notice all the little details you added in last minute. The day of our wedding was such a blur for me! We had a 'sweets table' and I didn't visit it once... In fact I had no idea what it looked like until I saw it in pictures.

Another tip I have for you is a piece of advice my husbands Uncle gave us. He told us that during the wedding day we should sit back and take a few mental pictures. He told us to do this because the day goes by so fast and these mental pictures will stay with you forever. I'm glad he told us that because I love looking back at those mental pictures that I took. My husband feels the same way as well. In fact, I wish I had taken more mental pictures!

Your wedding day may be 'the best day of your life', but it doesn't have to be. I feel like every day is the best day of my life because I get to spend another day with my husband. Don't put so much pressure on one day because most likely your days will just get even better!